Would it be hard to believe a story of a tie is actually a love story? Once we understand it was a result of many worries and broken hearted girls, makes it easier to believe.

It all started a while ago, when girls had to say goodbye to their loved man, right before they headed to the battle field. Girls would tie a scarf around their neck as a symbol of mutual fidelity and faith. It's magnificent how brave soldiers created important part of croation history with a symbol of mutual fidelity and faith around their neck. The question is, what would past say about new trends, modern day bow ties?

Maybe someone in 17th century imagined evolution of ties exactly this way, mr. Nostratie. Hmm, you never know! Either way, our present gives us a variety of ties, scarfes and bow ties for accessorizing any outfit, making it unique. We are turning more and more each day to sustainable lifestyle, even bow ties are handmade out of wood, it became a statement piece. Fashion accesorries are symbol of freedom nowdays, wooden bow ties a la Croate are definetely mixture of fashion, sustainability and imagination.