Onetime grandma told me a story of getting her first peasant shoes. It was at the age of 11, she still remembers it clearly, even though it happened seven decades ago. Her peasant shoes were simple, with just one strap on top, but the most beautiful ones in her eyes! Many of us don't remember our first pair of shoes, boots or sneakers, so what makes peasant shoes unforgettable?

Besides the importance in folklore dance, peasant shoes represented the first encounter with the footwear in general for many people at that time. It brought joy to people’s life, being barefoot during the cold became a part of distant memory. Nowadays peasant shoes are a part of traditional folklore outfit and mostly enjoy symbolic meaning, it’s good to know they preceded todays fashion shoes.

Can you imagine everyone walking around in peasant shoes in the future, whispering: “Look at these Scooby Doos!” Seems impossible, but why not? Fashion trends change daily, there is always something new coming around. Peasant shoes took a place in our cultural history, will history repeat itself? Who knows, but it certainly thought us many things, maybe a time has come for our first ethno steps and memories worth telling our grandchildren one day.